Rice.. main staple for 1.3 billion people in India

Foto friday – Dusk over Keralan rice paddies

Beautiful rice paddies in the southern Indian state of Kerala. We highly recommend the houseboat tours you can take there, floating along the network of canals.

Kim loves macro mode

Our 3 best kept travel secrets

Learn how to ride a motorbike – In our experience, exploring a region by motorbike is one of the best ways to see a country. Sure, renting a bicycle is best if you’re only going a few kilometers out of town or if you’re into the physical challenge. But if … Continue Reading →

Listen India… It’s not you, it’s me. I just gotta move on

Let’s keep this short and not make it any harder than it has to be. You have a beautiful Taj, and you make great food, but baby, you drive me so crazy sometimes. In the end I’d say we have a great time together, but this is goodbye. Plus, my … Continue Reading →

Escaping the heat in the Indian mountains

For anyone considering traveling to India, I beseech you, don’t come in the summer. It’s hot as balls and you won’t be able to enjoy 80% of the country. On the bright side, you can head to the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which due to snow, is inaccessible … Continue Reading →


Mumbai and Delhi – two big, hot cities

Continuing on our escapades, we headed for the biggest and craziest city in India – Mumbai. Okay, we actually couchsurfed in a quiet suburb and left the very next day for Aurangabad. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to Mumbai soon enough. We went to Aurangabad to see the Ellora … Continue Reading →

Da Taj - beautiful

How to travel in India without losing your fucking mind

Don’t expect a correct response to your question – In Indian culture, it is considered rude or embarrassing to not know the answer when asked. For example, if you ask someone where the train station is, they’ll say just down the road and to the left. This might be completely … Continue Reading →

scraping out a life on a 15ft stripe of land...crazy

Easing into India – Kerala and Goa

Phew – two weeks in India down and we’re still alive and sane. The most common advice we got about traveling in India was, “Brace yourself. There is travel in the rest of the world and then there is India.” As a result, we decided to go straight to the … Continue Reading →