Hard decisions in the life of a farm cat

“Where should I begin feasting on these freshly slaughtered goat remains?” “Why, the testicles of course. DELICIOSO!”

El Bolson - agricultural valley and just amazing to look at

Why you should volunteer on farms in Argentina

As many of you already know, we can’t get enough of volunteering during our travels. There really is no better way to gain a deeper understanding of a country and its people (in addition to learning some practical skills) than spending some time volunteering – and its the best way … Continue Reading →

Wwoofing in New Zealand

After a good chunk of time in Asia, it felt pretty good to be in an English speaking country again. New Zealand is ridiculously easy to travel in – there are info centers everywhere with free brochures and maps (DON’T buy a Lonely Planet), people here are the friendliest in … Continue Reading →