Grandma weaving hemp and granddaughter

H’mingling with the H’mong

Up in the mountains of Vietnam, right by the border with China, lies the little town of Sapa. This is the place to get your trekking on, whether you want to climb Mt. Fanispan (SE Asia’s highest peak) or check out local tribal villages. We took the night train up … Continue Reading →

How to hold on to your Dong

Imagine going to a restaurant where the food is delicious, the décor immaculate and the bill reasonable…but the service is lousy. The waiter charges you for the free bread, brings a burger when you ordered a steak, then demands a 40% tip. This is Vietnam. Don’t get us wrong, we … Continue Reading →

Kim loves easyriding

Easy Riding from the highlands to the coast

The road leading up the coast of Vietnam is a heavily touristed route, so we decided to take a short detour via the Central Highlands. With beautiful scenery and cooler temperatures, we headed to Dalat in order to hook up with an Easy Rider – a informal group of local … Continue Reading →

Learning how to ride a motorbike in Saigon

Saigon is a city of motorbikes. It’s impossible to talk about it without mentioning the swarms of bikes you encounter everywhere. They clog roads, sidewalks and even the home where they are parked inside for safekeeping. When our couchsurfing hosts told us we couldn’t have a true Saigon experience without … Continue Reading →

Our captain

The Mekong Delta – not exactly the heart of darkness

Vietnam – one of the countries we were most excited to visit. Would we be treated with disdain due to lingering anti-American sentiment or would we be greeted by warm smiles from people? Starting our trip in the deep south, we spent a few days on Phu Quoc Island before … Continue Reading →