Open your Golden Gate!

Words can’t do justice to the feelings of joy and the swelling in our chests as we saw this vista….home!

Yellowstone is like another world

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons…America the beautiful

After yet another lapse in blog posts, we resume our story at Yellowstone. When we last left off, TD and I spent some QT with our friends in St. Louis. Our next stop was Boulder, Colorado where we hooked up with our homies who used to live in San Francisco. … Continue Reading →

Back in Thailand – in St. Louis

Just like those intrepid settlers from my favorite childhood video game, Oregon Trail (I’m talking the green and white version, not the upgrade to color) we began our trip west in St. Louis. We were visiting our good friends Za and Josh from our Pun Pun Internship in Thailand. After … Continue Reading →


Wholesome Vermont fun!

What better way to ease into the US than whiling away a few weeks with family in the picturesque countryside of Vermont. Get ready for a heavy dose of Americana… 4th of July parades!

The last stop – U.S.A

At long last, our final destination – the land of milk and honey. After 26 months, 34 countries and almost $100,000 later, we are finally back in the States…for good. How to sum up over two years of life on the road? I don’t think we can fully express what … Continue Reading →

Four hours of culture shock in Miami International Airport

Ahhh, the good ole’ US of A. Smell that? That’s the scent of Freedom. After two years on the road, it was very strange to be in the states for our Quito-Miami-Mexico City layover. We had forgotten about many of the things our home country boasts, such as: An unimaginable … Continue Reading →