Okay one more shot, let's make it ridiculous

Camping and hiking in Patagonia on the cheap

Everything you’ve heard about trekking in Patagonia is true. Amongst the mythical mountains, grand glaciers and unique wildlife, you really feel like you’re at the end of the world. Unfortunately, it can be the most expensive place to visit on this continent. But being the cheap bastards we are, we … Continue Reading →

Kim jumping for joy on our way to Milford Sound

If you hate nature, don’t go to the south island of New Zealand

When it comes to the variety and magnitude of natural wonders you can see in a single trip, nowhere compares to New Zealand’s South Island. Seriously, you can climb a glacier in the morning, and be swimming with dolphins by the afternoon. Trek through rain forests surrounded by unique plants … Continue Reading →

TD’s first massage ever…by a 10-year Lao girl

It seems that no visit to Laos is complete without a visit to Luang Prabang. True, it’s a beautiful city full of golden wats and saffron robed monks. But it’s also extremely popular with older peeps with money to burn, and thus the most expensive place in the country. We … Continue Reading →

Grandma weaving hemp and granddaughter

H’mingling with the H’mong

Up in the mountains of Vietnam, right by the border with China, lies the little town of Sapa. This is the place to get your trekking on, whether you want to climb Mt. Fanispan (SE Asia’s highest peak) or check out local tribal villages. We took the night train up … Continue Reading →

nice view

Himalayan adventures – hiking the Annapurna Range

Nepal ended up on our itinerary because of our explicit desire to trek in the Annapurna range. Even before we arrived, it was clear this was not the ideal time for trekking. The monsoon season from June-Sept brings rain almost everyday and obscures the mountains under an impenetrable layer of … Continue Reading →

Pokhara, I barely knew her-a

Once our Chinese visas came through, we headed for Pokhara, the gateway to the Himalayas and required stop for any self respecting backpacker in Nepal. Although Lakeside is similar to Kathmandu’s Thamel district, you can quickly see why people come here in droves. First of all, it is way more … Continue Reading →

Escaping the heat in the Indian mountains

For anyone considering traveling to India, I beseech you, don’t come in the summer. It’s hot as balls and you won’t be able to enjoy 80% of the country. On the bright side, you can head to the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which due to snow, is inaccessible … Continue Reading →