3 different kinds of mole...mmm

5 tips for avoiding conflict in Mexican restaurants (I don’t mean Taco Bell)

Mexico is a foodie’s wet dream. It has the best food in all of Latin America, incredible service and affordable prices. However, as Kim’s Mexican mom says, her countryman can be a little mañoso (tricky). Come bill time, it often arrives with a few extra surprises. With these few tips, … Continue Reading →

How to travel in Europe as a vagabond

When it came time to leave Sunseed I had no plans. My only goal was to see Europe, and do it on the cheap. The greenback hasn’t been fairing too well against the Euro, and as a result wiping your ass in Europe can cost you a fortune (70¢ to … Continue Reading →

Shrines in Kathmandu

11 months in Asia – what you need to know

Favorite countries: 1.Thailand – After three months and close personal friendships with locals, it was an experience unto itself 2.Nepal – One word: Himalayas 3.Laos – Chilled back lifestyle and locals with plenty off-the-tourist-trail activities Most challenging countries: 1.India – Nothing works as you’d expect, and the masses of people … Continue Reading →

Kim loves macro mode

Our 3 best kept travel secrets

Learn how to ride a motorbike – In our experience, exploring a region by motorbike is one of the best ways to see a country. Sure, renting a bicycle is best if you’re only going a few kilometers out of town or if you’re into the physical challenge. But if … Continue Reading →

How to hold on to your Dong

Imagine going to a restaurant where the food is delicious, the décor immaculate and the bill reasonable…but the service is lousy. The waiter charges you for the free bread, brings a burger when you ordered a steak, then demands a 40% tip. This is Vietnam. Don’t get us wrong, we … Continue Reading →

Surviving long term travel as a couple

When we first told people about this trip, they said, “Wow. Either you guys will find out that you can’t live without each other or break up after a month.” Think about it – even if you are living together, you still don’t spend 24/7 with your partner. Both of … Continue Reading →

Gear Review – Four months on the road

Back in San Francisco! We’ve returned briefly for a few important events and are able to restock on gear and dump shit we don’t need. Being on the road for four months now, we have a good idea of what’s useful and what isn’t worth lugging around. Here’s how we … Continue Reading →

Da Taj - beautiful

How to travel in India without losing your fucking mind

Don’t expect a correct response to your question – In Indian culture, it is considered rude or embarrassing to not know the answer when asked. For example, if you ask someone where the train station is, they’ll say just down the road and to the left. This might be completely … Continue Reading →

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Couchsurfing

Maybe you’ve crashed at a friend’s place for the weekend or have woken up, bleary-eyed,  in some unknown person’s bed. The best travel memories always involve befriending locals who take your tourist ass to the neighborhood bar, drag you to the hottest club and end up offering you their couch … Continue Reading →

“Budget” European airlines – scam?

When I lived in Europe, I discovered the joys of Ryanair and Easyjet airlines. These European budget carriers put their American counterparts, like Southwest, to shame. Not only do they offer ridiculously cheap fares but they also fly to most areas in the region. Both carriers keep their overhead (and … Continue Reading →