An explaination of our absence…TD sucks

Hello loyal readers – you may be wondering about the lack of entries as of late. You see, I (TD) am a clumsy, forgetful and lazy individual. This trifecta of qualities has resulted in situation where keeping you up-to-date has been very difficult. Allow me to explain…

Da Taj - beautiful

How to travel in India without losing your fucking mind

Don’t expect a correct response to your question – In Indian culture, it is considered rude or embarrassing to not know the answer when asked. For example, if you ask someone where the train station is, they’ll say just down the road and to the left. This might be completely … Continue Reading →

R.I.P Canon SD870 IS

We’ve spent the last six days in the final two imperial cities of Morocco, Meknes and Fes.  Unfortunately and despite hours of looking for a petit turnovice (little screwdriver) and many more hours tinkering over tiny components, our camera is officially dead   As a result may I direct you … Continue Reading →

terrace view of center

Marrakech = Mindfuck

Crammed into the flying shitshow that is EasyJet, we talked to a group of rowdy British holidaymakers heading to Marrakech. “Oh, don’t worry. It’s very relaxing there,” they assured us. Fortunately, it was anything but. After arguing with the airport taxi driver over the fare, we finally negotiated a price … Continue Reading →

One month to go!

Today marks the 1 month countdown to our trip ’round the world. To say we’re excited would be a gross understatement. Thanks to thorough preparation, we’re nearing the final stages. In the past few months, we already have: All our immunizations and prescriptions New passports and extra photos Filed taxes … Continue Reading →