Mmmm… jungle rodents!

The head is the best part!

Spiritual healing and discovery with shamans in the Amazon

For those of you unfamiliar with Ayahuasca, let me first provide a brief description. Derived from a combination of a vine and leaf, it’s a medicine that has been used by Amazon tribes long before European conquests. It’s normally taken under the guidance of an experienced shaman during a traditional … Continue Reading →

Volunteering in Ecuador – they can’t all be winners

After some Ecuadorian beach time, we wanted to get our farm groove back on. We learned about Rio Muchacho Organic Farm near the surfing town of Canoa and after reading the website, it sounded like an ideal place. The project is admirable – Dario and Nicola founded the farm in … Continue Reading →


Nothing like Pacific Coast sunsets…

Our first sunset over the Pacific Ocean during the entire trip. The coastal towns of Ecuador offer different experiences – party hearty Montañita, surfing mecca Canoa, and chillax Ayampe (where we took this picture). It’s nice to have a little taste of home sometimes


Peru…meh. Are we over traveling?

Peru, with it’s breathtaking Incan ruins, Andean culture, and natural splendor is it at the top of many to-do lists. Why then were we so unsatisfied that we came and went as fast as possible? Sure, we spent time in Cuzco and visited Machu Picchu. And yes, they were stunning … Continue Reading →

10 reasons why Lake Titicaca is the shiznit

Come on…Titi-Caca? Uh huh, huh. The many foosball tables on Copacabana promenade. WTF?

Eating larve that live in a palm seed... tasts like coconut. Yum!

Welcome to jungle baby! You’re gonna… get eaten by mosquitoes

Having had enough of winded walks up small hills and freezing nights, we decided it was time to get out of the altiplano and head for the lowlands of Bolivia to sweat our asses off and get eaten by bugs. Rurrenbaque is small town on the edge of Madidi National … Continue Reading →

The benefits of traveling in Bolivia during the rainy season

Many chances for a great workout…kiss my ass pilates! Getting to know the locals during long transportation delays because of breakdowns, landslides or impassable roads. Beautiful skin thanks to exfoliating and tightening mud treatments. Checking out hot men´s asses Knowing that the big man (JC) is always watching over you … Continue Reading →

La Paz slopes up from the valley to the plateau

The long road to La Paz

Our journey through Bolivia continued as we headed north to Sucre, the judicial capital of the country. It’s a beautiful city which still boasts colonial architecture and is supposedly located in the most purely indigenous region. While we were relaxing in the plaza one afternoon, we came across hundreds of … Continue Reading →