Adjusting to life in the “real world”

Sometimes you wish you could do it all over again. TD and I returned from our trip in late 2011 and are firmly entrenched back home in San Francisco. At that point, we were definitely ready to come home. Everything got to be too much after a while – the … Continue Reading →

The last stop – U.S.A

At long last, our final destination – the land of milk and honey. After 26 months, 34 countries and almost $100,000 later, we are finally back in the States…for good. How to sum up over two years of life on the road? I don’t think we can fully express what … Continue Reading →

One year on the road…

Today marks the one year anniversary of our trip. It’s really quite unbelievable. We’ve had incredible experiences and have also endured moments which test the human spirit. When we started out, I viewed this trip more as an adventure than “a journey to find oneself.” That phase actually makes me … Continue Reading →

Happiness in life = ?

WARNING – The following message contains hippie and idealistic philosophies that may cause extreme eye-rolling, incredulity and sarcastic comments. It may also highlight the fact the authors are yet another couple of jaded city slickers with a desire for “a simpler way of life” and might be anti-establishment, leftist radicals. … Continue Reading →

Gotta love the squat toilets

An ode to squat toilets

When upon thy form, my eyes first gazed Can’t be denied that my eyebrows raised I stood before you with much trepidation Little did I know I’d experience revelation!

Kim loves macro mode

Our 3 best kept travel secrets

Learn how to ride a motorbike – In our experience, exploring a region by motorbike is one of the best ways to see a country. Sure, renting a bicycle is best if you’re only going a few kilometers out of town or if you’re into the physical challenge. But if … Continue Reading →