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The definitive guide – what to bring on your trip

A good friend of mine is headed to Colombia for two months and asked me for advice on what to bring with her. I thought about it for a bit – what was in my backpack at the beginning of my travels was pretty different from what I brought home. … Continue Reading →

Fare-thee-well San Francisco, work and responsibility… Hello muthafucking world!

I am sitting in Kim’s mom’s kitchen, most of our worldly possessions are stacked in the corner, the rest spread across the floor waiting to be stowed into our backpacks one last time.  A reminder on my phone just went off to alert me to a meeting in 15 minutes … Continue Reading →

One month to go!

Today marks the 1 month countdown to our trip ’round the world. To say we’re excited would be a gross understatement. Thanks to thorough preparation, we’re nearing the final stages. In the past few months, we already have: All our immunizations and prescriptions New passports and extra photos Filed taxes … Continue Reading →

Booking a RTW ticket (a.k.a. The eternal stuggle)

I’m not gonna lie. Booking an around-the-world airplane ticket is a bitch. There are tons of questions – How do these tickets work? What are the rules? Cost? Can you change dates/countries? How long is it valid for? It’s enough to make you want to curl up in a fetal … Continue Reading →

On passports and visas

I’m pretty paranoid about how governments go about collecting information about their citizens. Short of living completely off the grid, I think Big Brother knows a great deal more about us than we think. Seeing as my passport pages were full, I mailed it off for renewal. The process is … Continue Reading →

The decision…

Things happen for a reason sometimes. You can either choose to let your world crumble around you OR decide to create a new reality. The dismal state of the US economy claimed another job – mine. My initial reaction was, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” We immediately tightened up the purse strings and stopped … Continue Reading →