El Bolson - agricultural valley and just amazing to look at

Why you should volunteer on farms in Argentina

As many of you already know, we can’t get enough of volunteering during our travels. There really is no better way to gain a deeper understanding of a country and its people (in addition to learning some practical skills) than spending some time volunteering – and its the best way … Continue Reading →

Chill time after lunch

Living the good (sustainable) life at Mama Roja

Ever since our time at Pun Pun, we’ve been on this sustainable/natural building/organic agriculture kick. Who knew a pair of city kids would evolve into a couple of hippies? When we arrived in Argentina, we knew we wanted to spend serious time at Mama Roja – a sustainable living center … Continue Reading →

Seven weeks in the Spanish desert… with no jamon!

When I first started researching the Sunseed community in the remote south east of Spain, I couldn’t find its location anywhere on the website. When I asked why, they told me it was intentional. It was feared if this information was public, they would be inundated with squatters, wanderers and … Continue Reading →

8 weeks later – what have we learned?

Gardening Making EM (effective microorganisms) for natural fertilizer Composting – leftovers from dinner, weeds, fallen leaves, even human shit…it all goes back to the land. Hoeing and planting garden beds, weeding, weeding, weeding, mulching, transplanting and harvesting Seed saving (and how GMO/hybrid seed companies are patenting seeds to control food … Continue Reading →


Having fun fun at Pun Pun Organic Farm

Back in November, we had an innocent conversation with our Saigon couchsurfing host about a cool sustainable living community in Northern Thailand. Fast forward 4 months and we have changed our entire itinerary, exchanging our guidebooks for garden hoes and moving into a mudbrick house 50 kilometers north of Chiang … Continue Reading →