In case you thought we were making this all up…

Way back in Laos, when we were volunteering at the Organic Farm in Vang Veing, we worked briefly with a guy who said he was a journalist. When he asked if he could interview us over breakfast one day we said “hey, sure why not”, thinking he was writing for … Continue Reading →

TD’s first massage ever…by a 10-year Lao girl

It seems that no visit to Laos is complete without a visit to Luang Prabang. True, it’s a beautiful city full of golden wats and saffron robed monks. But it’s also extremely popular with older peeps with money to burn, and thus the most expensive place in the country. We … Continue Reading →

Working? Kim and TD? At a farm? Yes.

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  • 14 January, 2010
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Back in SF, sustainable living was a huge part of our daily lives – we ate local food, biked everywhere and generally tried to be environmentally conscious. We heard about an organic farm about 4km south of Vang Vieng and decided to stop there for one last lunch before we … Continue Reading →

The area surrounding Vang Vieng is drop dead gorgeous

A little something for everyone in Vang Vieng

After seeing a bit of rural Laos, we hopped back onto the backpacker trail and headed north to Vang Vieng. We were hit with major culture shock, to put it mildly. The town is a mecca for young backpackers who just wanna party, hang out with other westerners and try … Continue Reading →

Motorbiking in Laos – may be hazardous to your health

Being stuck in Vientiane for a week dealing with visa shit isn’t what I call a vacation. The place is teeming with embassy, UN and NGO workers and the whole town seems to cater to western tastes. We couldn’t wait to get on the road to see the real Laos. … Continue Reading →