The 13 million strong Chinese city you’ve never heard of – Chengdu

You can’t help seeing all the news stories about China with its booming economy, increasing modernization and how it will probably be the next decade’s superpower. Still, it didn’t hit home until we arrived in Chengdu – this ain’t no podunk town. Besides the slick new airport, the city boasts … Continue Reading →

Tuscany is beautiful…blah blah blah…

Since the beauty of Tuscany’s rolling hills and ancient cities has been written about ad nauseum, we’ll just mention a few of our observations during our travels through Italy this time around. Puffy pants – Fashion here is quite a bit different than back in the States, but far and … Continue Reading →


London calling…

“This is the Piccadilly line to Cockfosters,” announced a women’s voice over the Tube loudspeaker. Being the immature idiots that we are, TD and I giggled every time. We had just landed in London and were taking the Underground from Heathrow airport to our friend Stephanie’s house. A quick tip … Continue Reading →