3 different kinds of mole...mmm

5 tips for avoiding conflict in Mexican restaurants (I don’t mean Taco Bell)

Mexico is a foodie’s wet dream. It has the best food in all of Latin America, incredible service and affordable prices. However, as Kim’s Mexican mom says, her countryman can be a little mañoso (tricky). Come bill time, it often arrives with a few extra surprises. With these few tips, … Continue Reading →

Love Mexican markets!

¡Viva Mexico!

What images spring to mind when you think of Mexico? Having never been to this country, my reference comes straight from the movies and television. So when I first landed in Mexico, I expected to see men with bullet belts strapped across their ponchos, donning huge sombreros and equally impressive … Continue Reading →

Tuscany is beautiful…blah blah blah…

Since the beauty of Tuscany’s rolling hills and ancient cities has been written about ad nauseum, we’ll just mention a few of our observations during our travels through Italy this time around. Puffy pants – Fashion here is quite a bit different than back in the States, but far and … Continue Reading →

Florence from the top of the Dome

Animated gesturing and tiny cars…

Ahh…Italy. Generally on everyone’s European travel itinerary. Who wouldn’t want to eat great food, drink luscious wines and immerse oneself in la dolce vita? We spent a few days in Milano, where our buddy Vincenzo schooled us in the Italian aperitivo. Basically, it’s a happy hour where you buy one … Continue Reading →