Mmmm… jungle rodents!

The head is the best part!

Spiritual healing and discovery with shamans in the Amazon

For those of you unfamiliar with Ayahuasca, let me first provide a brief description. Derived from a combination of a vine and leaf, it’s a medicine that has been used by Amazon tribes long before European conquests. It’s normally taken under the guidance of an experienced shaman during a traditional … Continue Reading →

Volunteering in Ecuador – they can’t all be winners

After some Ecuadorian beach time, we wanted to get our farm groove back on. We learned about Rio Muchacho Organic Farm near the surfing town of Canoa and after reading the website, it sounded like an ideal place. The project is admirable – Dario and Nicola founded the farm in … Continue Reading →


Nothing like Pacific Coast sunsets…

Our first sunset over the Pacific Ocean during the entire trip. The coastal towns of Ecuador offer different experiences – party hearty Montañita, surfing mecca Canoa, and chillax Ayampe (where we took this picture). It’s nice to have a little taste of home sometimes