Chill time after lunch

Living the good (sustainable) life at Mama Roja

Ever since our time at Pun Pun, we’ve been on this sustainable/natural building/organic agriculture kick. Who knew a pair of city kids would evolve into a couple of hippies? When we arrived in Argentina, we knew we wanted to spend serious time at Mama Roja – a sustainable living center … Continue Reading →

Seven weeks in the Spanish desert… with no jamon!

When I first started researching the Sunseed community in the remote south east of Spain, I couldn’t find its location anywhere on the website. When I asked why, they told me it was intentional. It was feared if this information was public, they would be inundated with squatters, wanderers and … Continue Reading →

Happiness in life = ?

WARNING – The following message contains hippie and idealistic philosophies that may cause extreme eye-rolling, incredulity and sarcastic comments. It may also highlight the fact the authors are yet another couple of jaded city slickers with a desire for “a simpler way of life” and might be anti-establishment, leftist radicals. … Continue Reading →