mouth of the gorge, already pretty sweet, just wait

Foto Friday – Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger leaping gorge is the deepest gorge in Asia and a very impressive site. Just don’t get too comfortable…she could swallow you whole.

Kowloon, the harbour and HK island in the background

Trying not to blow our wad (of cash) in Hong Kong

After traveling for a while, it’s great to visit a familiar city where you have family. My father is from Hong Kong so we stayed at my grandmother’s house and caught up with relatives. I gotta say, it’s really nice to be treated to a fancy dinners after subsisting on … Continue Reading →

Lazy days in Yangshuo

The China blitzkrieg is almost over so we decided to take it chill, unpack our bags and stay put for our last week. With its huge array of activities, developed tourist industry and amazing scenery, we chose Yangshuo – and we couldn’t have picked a better spot. An immensely popular … Continue Reading →

Follow the yellow flag

Anatomy of a Chinese tour group

Try to arrange local transport to Dragon’s Backbone rice terraces. Hostel confirms that the bus is not a tour. Get picked up at 8:30am by a large tour bus with 30 Chinese tourists, all wielding expensive cameras. Listen to a description of the tour by your guide, “Nick”, as he … Continue Reading →

Tiger Leaping Gorge 1 – TD 0

Home to unique minority groups, beautiful landscapes and an expertly marketed tourism industry, Yunnan Provence is on almost everyone’s Southern China itinerary. We first spent about a week between Lijiang and Dali, two beautifully “preserved” ancient cities. Note: Preservation in China often means knocking down the old stuff and rebuilding … Continue Reading →

The Giant Buddah's head dwarfs the crowd waiting to see it, almost

Neverending stairs, monastaries and a big motherfucking buddah

If you’re thinking about visiting famous tourist sites in China, remember to bring lots of cash and patience. It seems as though every place of interest, no matter how mundane, will charge you a hefty entrance fee. Sometimes you have to pay additional money in order to access a temple, … Continue Reading →

The 13 million strong Chinese city you’ve never heard of – Chengdu

You can’t help seeing all the news stories about China with its booming economy, increasing modernization and how it will probably be the next decade’s superpower. Still, it didn’t hit home until we arrived in Chengdu – this ain’t no podunk town. Besides the slick new airport, the city boasts … Continue Reading →

The great firewall of China

For those of you wondering why there are no updates to our photos page, please direct your concerns to the complaint department, c/o, The People’s Republic of China. In their great wisdom to secure national unity and order, they have seen it fit to protect their population from the subversive … Continue Reading →