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Thanks for visiting our site! We spent 28 months on the road and have a lot of experiences to share – the amazing, the horrible and all the ones in between.

Are you planning your own RTW trip? Maybe we can help you out based on our trials and tribulations. Do you have tips on which places we have to see or which locales to avoid like the plague? We would love suggestions from fellow travelers! Do you need advice about a subject we haven’t covered yet? Or do you just want to give us some props? We would love to hear from you!

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– Kim and TD


  • Kevin says:

    Hi Kim and TD,
    I am honored to be invited to see your blog. And thanks for confirming that that boring palace I have seen in London is in fact Buckingham.
    Best wishes1!


  • Jose P says:

    I love the name of your blog, Lol!

  • andrew says:

    Just a yo;

    and to give you my contact details,
    andrew at kerr dot name is a better mail address that the gmail junk one;

    brilliant to hook up with you guys in the red sands, I am now back in Stockholm after a good 18 hour trip back home and now the only sucker working on May day, took a few 1st world power showers to wash that Sahara and camel out/ but came back and feeling inspired for many things but none of them work. would mind having 18 months of not work ahead of me rather than 14 dinosaurs reconstitutions to finish.

    take it easy

  • Ted says:

    You are travelling the world. I am working 80 hours a week. Fuck your blog.

  • jizzy c says:


  • Jose says:

    Hola Amigo! Dude you forgot to say bye but is ok I will catch up to you in South America.

  • ted says:

    Great pictures, buddy. Hope that you guys are having a great time.

  • Thomas says:

    You guys ROCK!

    Catherine is telling your story on radio in San Francisco… NOW!

  • kevin baldwin says:

    Hey Kim, you are a rockstar. I am impressed by and jealous of your 15 month adventure. When I got laid off I decided to go to law school. What the fuck is my problem?! Have a blast out there!

  • Kevin Richards says:

    Whats up Kids?
    Glad to see you guys are staying on the move and making the rest of us schmucks jealous.
    Rock on,
    team Richards

  • platina says:

    Good for you kids! your blog is very educational for those of us who have not been able to travel to those many diffrent countries. I am sure you are enreaching yourselves with the knowledge of meeting people from all over the world, all walks of life, their cutoms, religion, food, ways of thinking. Fascinating! Maybe this way we can all learn something good rather than ;wars,crime, drugs and all that bad stuff. Pay attention on how other countries are dealing with Globalization, health care,Education, religion, economy,politics tolerance to foreighners. I could go on and on, you tell me.
    Good luck!

  • Sabrina- C says:

    Hi Kim!. I love your travel blog and want to say you are awesome! This is such a wonderful experience you get to have.. enjoy every moment…even when your tired..jetlagged..timewarped..

    Keep updating your pics!

  • hey guys
    we just checked your blog, China seems to be interesting but expensive. we hope you can enjoy your trip.

    We want to apologize that we didn’t join the farewell dinner in Kathmandu at your last day. Unfortunately I was ill and had to spend all our days in Kathmandu with fever. Nevertheless, now we just had amazing days in Thailand. We definitely can recommend you the Koh Tao Island for diving, it’s superb (BIG BLUE – very good dive school and has some beautiful and cheap rooms) and there is as well some nightlife. It is the cheapest place to get certified – so go for it, guys :-)
    have a good time and enjoy traveling
    nadja & daniel (swiss – poonhill)

  • Jia Yuan says:

    Hey TD and Kim,
    I got to your blog thru travel blogs.
    Looks like great fun!

    I just brought my friend’s sister and her husband around Singapore yesterday, it was very enjoyable :) I can bring you guys around when you are in Singapore!

  • dan says:

    nathaniel and kim…..

    exciting developments: i will be in china from september 12th to december 21st, with some travel to the philippines and perhaps a couple of other destinations during that time. i will be based in beijing…….let me know if you’ll be around when i get there!

  • Shivani says:

    Miss you two too much!! Thank goodness I have your photos to get me all excited about our trip. Kim how do you manage to look so cute with the little that you packed?! Still going to BM? Can’t wait to see more pics!!! BIG BIG squishes from me to you….

  • Monica y Francesc says:

    We forgot your emails at the hotel but not your blog’s name….
    We’ll be leaving tomorrow the gilis, love to join you tonight for beer or dinner. We don’t know at what you will be finishing your diving course, we hope at 20.30 is ok to meet by the deck..?
    See you!!

  • Julian and Delphine (swiss people) says:

    Hello Guys !

    We didn’t met us anymore in yangshuo, shame ! But we come back on your blog and the pictures and really wonderful ! We wish you all the best for your LONG trip ;O))

    See yah !
    Julien and Delphine

  • toinou says:

    Bonjour bonjour,
    Vive les américains. Avec Camille, nous sommes en France, cool we earn bit of Euros and let go to Brazil in january, and Canada in Feb…

    Super sweet as Bro, traveling is to easy, we enjoy Life is fun make fun of it!

  • Trillium says:

    Hey guys,
    love the humor. love the photos. keep it up


  • Hello,
    ‘Another Fucking Travel Blog’ is a great name for a blog and a wonderful anthesis to the usual self-indulgent shit you usually find when searching for travel advice. I loved the name so much that it was also the name of my own travel blog. I only found yours when, in a regular bout of narcissism, I tried to search for my own and found yours. You beat me to it with the name by a long time, so dejected, I have changed mine to the far less pithy, ‘Today I shat Myself In…’
    Keep up the good work
    Benjamin McSemenrectum

  • Rachel says:

    My bf and I quit our jobs, left everything and packed up for S.America for a year. We found your blog well on the road in Peru and have been loving every second of reading it. You are totally inspiring our trip, and all of your tips are really great. Thanks for all of your fucking awesome efforts!

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