mouth of the gorge, already pretty sweet, just wait

Foto Friday – Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger leaping gorge is the deepest gorge in Asia and a very impressive site. Just don’t get too comfortable…she could swallow you whole.

Half hearted in Central Asia – Part 1

Enjoy this guest post from our friend, Angelica of Tweaked and Untitled I flew to Turkey with only the secondhand understanding that the country would be awesome. Half Korean back-up plans: WWOOF & hanging out on the Mediterranean coast while figuring out that whole what-the-fuck-to-do-with-my-life thing. Met this great person … Continue Reading →

Rice.. main staple for 1.3 billion people in India

Foto friday – Dusk over Keralan rice paddies

Beautiful rice paddies in the southern Indian state of Kerala. We highly recommend the houseboat tours you can take there, floating along the network of canals.

We've been there!

10 fun facts we learned in Helsinki

Knowing next to nothing about this Nordic country, we found ourselves spending a few days in the capital due to a connecting flight routing. It’s great when you have no expectations about a destination – surprises are the spice of life! Here are 10 fun facts we learned about Helsinki: … Continue Reading →

snails are tasty little buggers

Foto friday – Sicilian food markets

Snails are tasty little buggers! (Palermo, Italy)

They don't call them the mirror lakes for nothing

Foto friday – New Zealand’s glorious lakes

They don’t call them Mirror Lakes for nothing… New Zealand, South Island

Anatomy of a backpacker meltdown

Enjoy this guest post from our friend, Angelica from Tweaked and Untitled! I have this bad habit to keep going, going, going until I’m gone. Although I’ve been giving myself kudos for getting as far as I have in Morocco without jackshit, I’m starting to think it was just a generous … Continue Reading →

Curious kitty...

Foto Friday – Marrakech kitty

A curious feline checking out the street action in Marrakech, Morocco.

td's shit

The definitive guide – what to bring on your trip

A good friend of mine is headed to Colombia for two months and asked me for advice on what to bring with her. I thought about it for a bit – what was in my backpack at the beginning of my travels was pretty different from what I brought home. … Continue Reading →

The best hitchhiking story EVER

We hitchhiked quite a few times on the road, but this story (and amazing video) takes the cake. I can’t even explain…you just have to watch. Original article – Hatchet wielding hitchhiker defeats racist Jesus