Wholesome Vermont fun!

What better way to ease into the US than whiling away a few weeks with family in the picturesque countryside of Vermont. Get ready for a heavy dose of Americana… 4th of July parades!

The last stop – U.S.A

At long last, our final destination – the land of milk and honey. After 26 months, 34 countries and almost $100,000 later, we are finally back in the States…for good. How to sum up over two years of life on the road? I don’t think we can fully express what … Continue Reading →

What wopuld a ferry ride be without Mariachis

Narcos show up in the most unexpected places

Patzcuaro is a lovely city situated in the highlands of Michoacan Mexico. Surrounded by pine forests and lakes, and with beautiful crafts from the local indigenous people, is a popular weekend spot for Chilangos to escape the craziness of Mexico City. It’s just about the last place we expected to … Continue Reading →


Google leaves no rock – no matter how ancient – unturned

“Why bother booking a trip the Yucatan, taking the long bus to Chichen Itza and suffering the 100 degree weather when you can just enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your own home?”