Maguey plants can be huge!

An idiot’s guide to mezcal

Everyone’s heard of tequila, that yellowish booze we took too many shots of once and have sworn off forever. Far fewer people have heard of mezcal, a liquor made from the maguey (a.k.a. agave) plant of Mexico. While tequila is only made from blue agave, mezcal can be distilled from … Continue Reading →

Just the most epic swimming hole ever... Cenote 2

Fun times with deep holes… cenotes

Thousands of cenotes dot the Yucatan. With no rivers or lakes, these sinkholes are the only source of fresh water. For explorers they connect a huge network of underwater caves, for the Maya they were gateways to the afterlife, and for us they were awesome places to fuck around. These … Continue Reading →

Hippies, revolutionaries and everything in between

Chiapas is Mexico’s southernmost state, bordering Guatemala and also home to the highest percentage of indigenous groups. It’s also the poorest state yet produces over half of the country’s hydroelectric power, has rich oil reserves and has seen a government funded tourism boom. The local people, however, see little benefit … Continue Reading →