Okay one more shot, let's make it ridiculous

Camping and hiking in Patagonia on the cheap

Everything you’ve heard about trekking in Patagonia is true. Amongst the mythical mountains, grand glaciers and unique wildlife, you really feel like you’re at the end of the world. Unfortunately, it can be the most expensive place to visit on this continent. But being the cheap bastards we are, we … Continue Reading →

“Fuck! I´ve been caterpillared!”

Besides leaving horrible burning rashes all over your skin, the myriad of caterpillars in Northern Argentina come in a beautiful array of shapes and sizes. Careful though… they like to dive bomb you from the trees and crawl into the most unlikely of places. Crazy caterpiller #103-Nov-2010 15:16, Canon Canon … Continue Reading →

Chill time after lunch

Living the good (sustainable) life at Mama Roja

Ever since our time at Pun Pun, we’ve been on this sustainable/natural building/organic agriculture kick. Who knew a pair of city kids would evolve into a couple of hippies? When we arrived in Argentina, we knew we wanted to spend serious time at Mama Roja – a sustainable living center … Continue Reading →

Kinda worth the 85 pesos ($21 dollars) entry fee

Iguazu Falls definitely lives up to the hype. We only visited the Argentine side on a rainy day, which includes several hikes throughout the park and an all-day affair. Besides all the different waterfalls, there are loads of wildlife spotting opportunities as well. The most spectacular site, La Garganta del … Continue Reading →