The best sunset I ever saw on TV

Cabo Polonio, another crappy beach destination, never come here

It was already getting dark when we got off the bus at the Cabo Polonio stop, and the 7 kilometer walk into town seemed a lot less inviting. We decided to hitch a ride on one of the monsterous, custom-built transport vehicles which made the slow trek on rough trails, … Continue Reading →

Uruguay – not to be confused with an “Argentina light”

Why go to Uruguay anyway? Some describe it as a smaller, more expensive, and less interesting Argentina, and it’s generally overlooked on most South American itineraries. We arrived with no concrete plans and figured, “Why the hell not check it out?” What started as a couple days turned into a … Continue Reading →

Saludos desde Suramérica

Another flight, another continent. We’ve finally made it to South America – land of the Amazon rainforest, failed U.S. foreign policy, Machu Picchu, coca leaves, the Andes, dictatorships, indigenous tribes, Darwin and his finches, Patagonia and the list goes on and on… Time to bust out our mad Spanish skills … Continue Reading →


Food porn, iberico style

*Cue 70’s wah-wah, chicka chicka sexy music* Oh yeah, that’s right baby. Come here with your glistening, jamon-y goodness. For further money shots, check out the Madrid episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.

Spain and its weird festivals

You’ve all heard of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, and maybe even la Tomatina in Bunol, but “El Vitor” in Mayorga near Valladolid is definitely more bizarre. Those are animal hides that they’re burning. Called paja, the skins turn into a tar-like substance which is impossible to remove, … Continue Reading →

Starting a new theme of ghettoing UNESCO world heritage sights

The Balkans…hmm…does anything come to mind?

First off, do you even know where the Balkans are? In our shameful American style, we had little knowledge of this part of the world. I think I had a vague notion of it being somewhere in Eastern Europe. This is where the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated … Continue Reading →

An innocent Bosnian breakfast??

Oh my! At least buy me a drink first.