Shrines in Kathmandu

11 months in Asia – what you need to know

Favorite countries: 1.Thailand – After three months and close personal friendships with locals, it was an experience unto itself 2.Nepal – One word: Himalayas 3.Laos – Chilled back lifestyle and locals with plenty off-the-tourist-trail activities Most challenging countries: 1.India – Nothing works as you’d expect, and the masses of people … Continue Reading →

Awww, now I get why people go to beaches of Thailand

Koh Pha Ngan, more than phases of the moon

The islands of Thailand are world renowned for their beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and great nightlife. So of course it attracts tourists from around the world like moths to a flame. It was because of this fact that we were a little scared of what we would find there. … Continue Reading →

One year on the road…

Today marks the one year anniversary of our trip. It’s really quite unbelievable. We’ve had incredible experiences and have also endured moments which test the human spirit. When we started out, I viewed this trip more as an adventure than “a journey to find oneself.” That phase actually makes me … Continue Reading →