Best fucking street food in the world - no contest

Put your hands up for Bangkok – I love this city

If you ever come to Southeast Asia, you will inevitably find yourself in the travel hub epicenter of Bangkok at some point. The typical low budget traveler ends up on Khao San Road (the original backpacker ghetto) and spends a few days being overwhelmed by the heat, noise and crowds … Continue Reading →

Chilling at the bungalow

Evolution of a backpacker

We arrived in Pai a little uncertain on how it would feel to be back on the backpacker trail. Tucked into the mountains of Northern Thailand, Pai is an oasis for hippie travelers to unload for a while, hang out at the innumerable bars, share stories over hilltribe ganja, and … Continue Reading →

8 weeks later – what have we learned?

Gardening Making EM (effective microorganisms) for natural fertilizer Composting – leftovers from dinner, weeds, fallen leaves, even human shit…it all goes back to the land. Hoeing and planting garden beds, weeding, weeding, weeding, mulching, transplanting and harvesting Seed saving (and how GMO/hybrid seed companies are patenting seeds to control food … Continue Reading →