Learning how to ride a motorbike in Saigon

Saigon is a city of motorbikes. It’s impossible to talk about it without mentioning the swarms of bikes you encounter everywhere. They clog roads, sidewalks and even the home where they are parked inside for safekeeping. When our couchsurfing hosts told us we couldn’t have a true Saigon experience without … Continue Reading →

Our captain

The Mekong Delta – not exactly the heart of darkness

Vietnam – one of the countries we were most excited to visit. Would we be treated with disdain due to lingering anti-American sentiment or would we be greeted by warm smiles from people? Starting our trip in the deep south, we spent a few days on Phu Quoc Island before … Continue Reading →

Hey kids, be carefull back there!

Facing harsh realities in Cambodia

Our stay in Phnom Penh can best be described as sheer absurdity, due to the dodgy-ness of our Lakeside guesthouse. What was once a popular backpacker guesthouse/bar has morphed into a place where African workers in Thailand come to renew their visas and meet up with local bar girls. The … Continue Reading →

Surviving long term travel as a couple

When we first told people about this trip, they said, “Wow. Either you guys will find out that you can’t live without each other or break up after a month.” Think about it – even if you are living together, you still don’t spend 24/7 with your partner. Both of … Continue Reading →