Obligitory Pose

Angkor what??

Enough island hopping…let’s kick things into high gear on the mainland! Following a detour through Bangkok, a sketchy border crossing and a terrifying taxi ride, we finally made it to Cambodia. First stop – Siem Reap. The area near the old market is very tourist friendly, with many upscale restaurants … Continue Reading →

Gili Air – A terrible place, never go there.

We were so sure we were leaving the Gili’s we wrote a blog entry about it, but a series of very fortunate events would keep us there for one of the best weeks of the trip so far.  Originally, our plan was to go on a four-day boat trip, island … Continue Reading →


Falling prey to the siren’s song on Gili Trawangan

“You’ll be in Indonesia? You HAVE to go to the Gilis.” Every single traveler we met gushed about these three small islands just a ferry ride away from Bali. It’s pretty fucking impressive when one location garners nothing but enthusiastic raves from everyone – so it was our next stop, … Continue Reading →