Kim being arts with the volcanic lake in the background

Finally, some fucking beaches!

Bali – just the name conjures up images of the perfect island paradise – white beaches, coconut trees and fruity cocktails. It was precisely what we were looking for after five months of inland travel. In Kuta, the tourist epicenter of this small Indonesian island, we found exactly that but … Continue Reading →

Gear Review – Four months on the road

Back in San Francisco! We’ve returned briefly for a few important events and are able to restock on gear and dump shit we don’t need. Being on the road for four months now, we have a good idea of what’s useful and what isn’t worth lugging around. Here’s how we … Continue Reading →

Kowloon, the harbour and HK island in the background

Trying not to blow our wad (of cash) in Hong Kong

After traveling for a while, it’s great to visit a familiar city where you have family. My father is from Hong Kong so we stayed at my grandmother’s house and caught up with relatives. I gotta say, it’s really nice to be treated to a fancy dinners after subsisting on … Continue Reading →

Lazy days in Yangshuo

The China blitzkrieg is almost over so we decided to take it chill, unpack our bags and stay put for our last week. With its huge array of activities, developed tourist industry and amazing scenery, we chose Yangshuo – and we couldn’t have picked a better spot. An immensely popular … Continue Reading →

Follow the yellow flag

Anatomy of a Chinese tour group

Try to arrange local transport to Dragon’s Backbone rice terraces. Hostel confirms that the bus is not a tour. Get picked up at 8:30am by a large tour bus with 30 Chinese tourists, all wielding expensive cameras. Listen to a description of the tour by your guide, “Nick”, as he … Continue Reading →