The great firewall of China

For those of you wondering why there are no updates to our photos page, please direct your concerns to the complaint department, c/o, The People’s Republic of China. In their great wisdom to secure national unity and order, they have seen it fit to protect their population from the subversive … Continue Reading →

nice view

Himalayan adventures – hiking the Annapurna Range

Nepal ended up on our itinerary because of our explicit desire to trek in the Annapurna range. Even before we arrived, it was clear this was not the ideal time for trekking. The monsoon season from June-Sept brings rain almost everyday and obscures the mountains under an impenetrable layer of … Continue Reading →

Pokhara, I barely knew her-a

Once our Chinese visas came through, we headed for Pokhara, the gateway to the Himalayas and required stop for any self respecting backpacker in Nepal. Although Lakeside is similar to Kathmandu’s Thamel district, you can quickly see why people come here in droves. First of all, it is way more … Continue Reading →

13 easy steps to getting your Chinese visa in Nepal

Print out the visa application from the Chinese Consulate’s site and attach a passport photo. Be aware that you can submit applications on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Kathmandu. Drop-off time is 9:30-11:30am. After a night of heavy drinking, don’t lag in the morning and arrive at the consulate at … Continue Reading →

TD likes prayer flags

Kathmandu – at long last, TD gets his steak

“Tiger balm, sir? You want Tiger balm?” holler the Nepalese touts who pace the streets of Kathmandu, pushing this Chinese medical ointment as if it were crack. Other guys offer trekking tours, hotels or rickshaws for a hefty commission – at night, hash and weed is their focus. Kathmandu has … Continue Reading →

Listen India… It’s not you, it’s me. I just gotta move on

Let’s keep this short and not make it any harder than it has to be. You have a beautiful Taj, and you make great food, but baby, you drive me so crazy sometimes. In the end I’d say we have a great time together, but this is goodbye. Plus, my … Continue Reading →

Welcome pornographers – sorry this is not what you’re looking for

When choosing our blog name, TD and I didn’t think about the implications of having “fucking” in the title. We just thought it was funny and apropos. Through our site monitors, we’ve seen visitor traffic come from some naughty search terms…

Escaping the heat in the Indian mountains

For anyone considering traveling to India, I beseech you, don’t come in the summer. It’s hot as balls and you won’t be able to enjoy 80% of the country. On the bright side, you can head to the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which due to snow, is inaccessible … Continue Reading →