We've been there!

10 things we learned in Helsinki

1. Finland used to be ruled by Sweden, then Russia, before gaining independence. Fun fact – they also supported Nazi Germany during WWII….whoops! 2. The city has a huge bunny problem. With thousands of these cute creatures overrunning the city, local politicians and newspapers mention the problem as often as … Continue Reading →

Mondello in the background

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

What comes to mind when you think of Sicily and it’s capital, Palermo? For me, it was the mafia, pizza and cannoli and not much else. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t know too much about its history, culture or natural beauty before our visit. So when we … Continue Reading →

Tuscany is beautiful…blah blah blah…

Since the beauty of Tuscany’s rolling hills and ancient cities has been written about ad nauseum, we’ll just mention a few of our observations during our travels through Italy this time around. Puffy pants – Fashion here is quite a bit different than back in the States, but far and … Continue Reading →

Florence from the top of the Dome

Animated gesturing and tiny cars…

Ahh…Italy. Generally on everyone’s European travel itinerary. Who wouldn’t want to eat great food, drink luscious wines and immerse oneself in la dolce vita? We spent a few days in Milano, where our buddy Vincenzo schooled us in the Italian aperitivo. Basically, it’s a happy hour where you buy one … Continue Reading →

R.I.P Canon SD870 IS

We’ve spent the last six days in the final two imperial cities of Morocco, Meknes and Fes.  Unfortunately and despite hours of looking for a petit turnovice (little screwdriver) and many more hours tinkering over tiny components, our camera is officially dead   As a result may I direct you … Continue Reading →


Packaged tours of the Sahara – not half bad!

We never thought an all-inclusive tour would be our kind of thing. What started as the easiest and cheapest way to get to several destinations, ended up exposing us to sights that produced more “holy shits” than anything we’d seen before. The trip was off to a shaky start when … Continue Reading →