Booking a RTW ticket (a.k.a. The eternal stuggle)

I’m not gonna lie. Booking an around-the-world airplane ticket is a bitch. There are tons of questions – How do these tickets work? What are the rules? Cost? Can you change dates/countries? How long is it valid for? It’s enough to make you want to curl up in a fetal … Continue Reading →

On passports and visas

I’m pretty paranoid about how governments go about collecting information about their citizens. Short of living completely off the grid, I think Big Brother knows a great deal more about us than we think. Seeing as my passport pages were full, I mailed it off for renewal. The process is … Continue Reading →

Broke as a joke

As I’m still living the unemployed life, I have rediscovered the lost art of frugality. How does one with loads of free time entertain themselves cheaply in a city as pricey as San Francisco? Continue Reading →